small classes for 
individual attention

We keep class sizes to a maximum of 6 or 7 children to make sure that every child gets plenty of attention enabling us to adapt our swimming lessons to each individual child's needs.

children are matched by swim history, 
age and 

As young kids can have such differing experiences of the water, we run classes designed as a natural progression from baby swimming, and different classes for children with little or no experience of the water.

we welcome children with 
little or no 
the water

Our classes for kids with little or no experience of the water are gentler, introducing the children to
the water, building confidence, teaching water safety techniques and swimming skills.

we welcome children from 
swimming classes

Children from baby swimming classes will continue to foster their love of being underwater and developing
water safety techniques while learning to swim and breathe on top of the water.

we offer a unique 5 stage 

Our unique programme combines recognised STA and ASA swimming teaching methods with
water safety and building water confidence. It has 5 stages that children progress through from babies and toddlers to pre-schoolers.

swimming lessons every day

we run classes every day in warm, private pools across Brighton and Hove.
contact us now to find the right swimming class for your little one
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