pools & locations

lessons in five warm, private pools

We offer classes in well maintained, warm, private pools across Brighton and Hove.

we run classes every day

We run lessons every day of the week to fit around you and your little kids eating, sleeping and activities schedule! It's also great for fitting in all those make-up lessons!

we take water chemistry seriously 

All our pools are tested at least twice daily - before and after we swim to make sure that the water chemistry is optimum for safe swimming and to kill any bacteria and germs. Water samples are regularly sent to the microbiology lab at the hospital to check for anything unsavoury and we also operate a strict infection control policy.

warm pools for happy, relaxed children

We only use warm pools that run between 33 and 34 degrees because babies and toddlers lose their body heat up to ten times faster than us! Warm water makes them much happier and more relaxed so they learn more, faster - it's lovely for the adults too!
contact us for classes in lovely warm private pools in Brighton and Hove: 01273 207992 

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