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STAGE 1 - "Introduction to Toddlers"
ASA Duckling 1 Award

Using fun songs and games, children will be encouraged to make a seated; "jump" into the water, fully submerge, kick up to the surface, turn around to face poolside and hold on. Floatation back packs are introduced. The aim is to promote independence and build your child's water confidence. Your child will normally remain in this class for 2 to 3 terms, or until they are relaxed in the water and ready to move up to the next stage.
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STAGE 2 - "Toddlers"
ASA Duckling 2 Award

Continuing to promote independence and to build on your child's water confidence, they are taught to safely enter and exit the pool. Fun songs promote leg and arm movements and breathing techniques are introduced. Your child will be taught how to "monkey" climb around the poolside, to the safety of the steps. Streamlining is introduced by way of "push and glide" techniques and star back floats practiced.

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